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Shoreline Fire Kids Page
There are so many great Fire Safety kids pages out there on the web. So we decided to list a few here, they have plenty of fun and information for kids, parents and teachers. Enjoy!




Hi Kids, I'm Marty and this is my friend Jett...Click on me to go to the USFA kids site


--Let Marty and Jett from the USFA teach you about Fire Safety

--USFA Fire Safety resources for Parents and Teachers



Kids only! At Sparkys site Sparky the Fire dog

Sparky the Fire Dogs Kids Only Page

There are lots of things you and your friends can do to stay safe. Check out our games and test your safety smarts. Who knows, you might even learn something new!  

--Don't worry Mom and Dad they have a grown ups area too....

--Teachers also get to have some fun.....

Sparkys sites are brought to you by NFPA.  


Rescue One Fire Safety for kids

Hey kids! Welcome! Are you ready to learn all about fire safety? We've got a long list of games and activities that make it fun to learn!



play safe! be safe! at Bics kids page....

Play Safe! Be safe! is a multimedia fire safety education program created especially for children ages three to five. It was developed by BIC Corporation in cooperation with educators and fire safety experts.


New York City Fire Department Kids coloring book...


The FDNY Fire Safety Activity Coloring Book
Fire Safety begins at home. Every family should know the basics of how to prevent fires at home and what to do in case there is a fire.

The Fire Safety Education Fund, Inc. is a not-for-profit foundation established to support fire safety education programs and activities for children and adults throughout the City and enhance the training opportunities for Fire and EMS personnel.



Smokey Kids - Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires


FEMA's National Security Emergencies site...Terrorism is a scary thing. Before you go any further on this page, you need to have permission of an adult. Check with your parent or teacher (if you are at school) or another adult to make sure you have the OK to learn more.


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